1-Try A Different Layout

Many times the number one issue with a room looking messy is the layout, make sure your furniture is arranged to maximize your space as this can truly declutter a space visually making it feel more organized and clean.



2-Furniture With Built In Storage

If lack of storage space is an issue, look into investing into furniture with built-in storage. Some of the options we carry in our store like the Apollo coffee table have built-in compartments that are perfect for all those small items you don't necessarily want displayed.



3-Go Vertical

Nowadays our living spaces are getting pretty small and using only your floor space might not be enough to achieve the clean organized look you are hoping for. A great way to utilize your space is to think of your wall as an extension of your space. Install shelfs or find desks such as the Anglo office desk to maximize your vertical footprint.



4-Think Multipurpose

Nowadays many furniture pieces can serve multiple purposes, instead of having a huge dining table opt for a extendable table so that when not in use you can regain that space and visually declutter your home. Other great options are also sofa beds with retractable chaises giving you the utility of a sectional without the bigger footprint.



5-Throw It Out 

I know it's hard to hear but sometimes you gotta let it go,you know what I'm talking about it that old armchair or the pile of books from your university years time to pack it up and responsibility dispose of it.